We represent a range of artists, designers, makers and illustrators who can bring your business to life in a creative way. Got an idea that needs some artistic flair? Need a mural in your shop or cafe? We consult with you to ascertain how to achieve it within your timeline and budget. 

We can do creative jobs including but not limited to:

  • Illustration for artwork, packaging and labels
  • Murals and large scale artworks
  • Experiential activations such as live painting demonstrations
  • Graphic design of all kinds
  • Clothing, products and items for sale
  • Set building and painting
  • Construction of installations both onsite and off

This is a huge area for The Real Army as we have been in the art and music industry for two decades making a myriad of incredible things come to life. Whatever your art and creative needs, we can take your ideas and turn them into technicolor items in the real world.

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