With decades of experience in production management across many industries, this is one area the battalion excels. We have worked for some of the largest companies in Australia, bringing best practice and production solutions to every job we do. Nothing is too big or too small, from creating a custom installation in store to an entire mini city in a remote location, we have done it all.

Our production team has experience in many areas including but not limited to :

  • Consulting on event permits, planning and Covid safety plans
  • Staging and infrastructure hire, install and management
  • Audio visual equipment, install and operation
  • Logistics, radio communication and team management
  • Site inductions, Safety monitoring and equipment
  • Building, construction and contractor engagement
  • Site workers, from engineers to traffic management
  • Event operations and department management 
  • Systems and processes for event best practice 

From consultants to boots on the ground we have every aspect of production management covered, whether for a small event or a large scale festival or project. We have teams around the country who can help and networks who can help if they cannot, so whatever your crazy request is, try us out and let the Real Army take it to smash town for you!

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