At The Real Army, our specialty is people. We find the right people for your job, every time. If you need to find a new permanent staff member, or someone to fill a contract role, we have them! We also have extensive networks and pride ourselves on being able to fill many different roles within a few days, sometimes minutes!

Some of the HR solutions you can engage us for include :

  • Recruitment on social media from relevant pools of people, no dealing with SEEK!
  • Reassessment of roles to maximise staff and reduce costs. 
  • Internal staff problems, we get the truth and sort it out. 
  • Contractors and freelancers for most jobs
  • Staff systems, processes and incentives
  • Employee team building exercises

 (Please note no single shifts for unskilled work, we only refer professionals)

At The Real Army we are known for matching clients with the right person for the job, first time, every time!

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